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Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning focus our energy on small to medium sized installations. The installation process comprises of several key factors to get the best result for your needs. Our free quoting service will determine the correct size system you require to find the perfect balance for comfort, performance and energy efficiency.

Our installation team is led by qualified refrigeration mechanics who have undergone extensive training related specifically to refrigeration and air conditioning applications. We understand correct procedures and protocols within this trade as opposed to trades that have only undergone short courses. This makes the difference when getting the most out of your investment as well as minimising potential and costly call backs from un-experienced technicians.

We select systems based on your budget and requirements, tailored to your needs. Correct system selection is critical as an undersized unit will underperform and overwork, adding unwanted stress to your system resulting in early failure of components. An over-sized system will consume excessive energy, costing you in the long run.

Consideration is taken when positioning our installations outside. Minimising weather exposure, ensuring maximum air flow and ventilation and installing in a manner that will ensure the neatest install possible.

Installation Services We Offer:

  • Wall Split Systems
  • Ceiling Cassette Split Systems
  • Ducted Split Systems
  • Multi Split Systems
  • Add on Cooling
  • Cool Rooms
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Sales
  • Custom Refrigeration Cabinets
  • Free Quotes
  • Air Conditioning Duct Replacements/Design
  • Changeover Existing Systems

Other Services

Air Conditioning

Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provide services in air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance.


Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning focus on repair, maintenance and small commercial installation.


We will assess the system at fault and offer prompt, affordable repair options.


Avoid unexpected breakdowns and prolong the life of your system. We offer routine maintenance visits for your home and business.

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