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Regular maintenance of your equipment is vital to ensure that your systems are running to the best of their ability. If neglected, you expose yourself to inefficiency of the system which inhibits performance, stressing out system components and shortening the lifespan of your unit or in the worst case, complete failure.

Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can investigate how often your system requires maintenance based on your usage, location and previous history to make sure your unit keeps working at an optimal level.

As it can be quite difficult to secure tradesman in peak times of the year, we offer scheduled maintenances for all commercial, real estate and domestic applications to make sure everything is update before the extreme weather sets in, reducing the possibility of breakdowns during these periods. We understand that equipment can fail at any time so we like to update our clients with service reports after every visit. This can help inform our valued customers on how your equipment is performing and what is required to ensure the longevity of your system.

A typical service involves checking of:

  • Filters and cleaning of
  • Gas charges and visible signs of oil leaks
  • Fan motor operations
  • Circuit board operations and condition
  • Compressor running amps
  • Compressor windings
  • Condenser condition
  • Evaporator condition
  • Condensate drains are clear
  • Gas pipe insulation condition
  • Sources of vibration and abnormal noises
  • Condenser/outdoor unit is secured
  • All electrical connections are secure and tightened

We also offer Chemical Sanitary Cleaning of your unit. Dust can accumulate on fan coil units and even by pass filters if not cleaned regularly. Dust and mould can potentially accumulate on the fins and fan motor blades leaving you open to contaminated air and declined system performance due to lack of air flow through coil. A chemical clean involves running a specialised alkaline chemical solution through the fan coil unit. The foaming action of the solution draws out dust from the coil. We finish by flushing out any unwanted debris and mould with high pressure water, leaving your system in close to brand new condition and free from bacteria and mould.

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Air Conditioning

Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning provide services in air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance.


Endurance Refrigeration & Air Conditioning focus on repair, maintenance and small commercial installation.


We will assess the system at fault and offer prompt, affordable repair options.


Endurance will find the best solution for your requirements with reliability and confidence.

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